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WG-Zimmer in 18. Bezirk Währing

1 WG-Zimmer

In 18. Bezirk Währing wird derzeit ein WG-Zimmer angeboten.

Single Room

in 1180 Wien

Starkfriedgasse is a student residence park, situated in the green part of the 18th district with convenient connections to the city centre by public transport. It features several two-storey buildings surrounded by a large park. There is green wherever you look – which creates a very pleasant atmosphere. Internet Shower Billard All Inklusive University Washroom Subway Room & Fees Single room, own modernly furnished living room and bedroom, kitchen and bathroom shared with 1 person (Shower, WC) Monthly Rate 390,- Euro Deposit 400,- Euro Processing Fee 95,- Euro FREE REGISTRATION
Fläche m² 15
Zimmer -