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Terrassenwohnungen in Saggen

1 Terrassenwohnungen

1 Terrassenwohnung angebot ist derzeit in Saggen, Innsbruck-Stadt verfügbar.

Looking for a really nice and quiet WG?

in 6020 Innsbruck | Claudiaplatz 1

Hi there, I will move in with my partner soon and have to leave this really great WG. All three other tenants are Austrians, all working (we want to keep it this way) and all very cool. The place is kept nice with a reasonable cleaning schedule, and it's of course fine to receive guests as long as everyone is informed. The place is about 125 sqm plus a nice balcony and a large cellar. The neighborhood is quiet and convenient. The availability date is to confirmed yet but should be during the week of Oct. 8th. All other details we could talk about during a visit! Please send me a message for a first contact and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Cheers, Vincent
Fläche m² 20
Zimmer -