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Mehrfamilienhäuser in Reichenau an der Rax

1 Mehrfamilienhäuser

1 Mehrfamilienhaus angebot ist derzeit in Reichenau an der Rax, Neunkirchen verfügbar.


in 2651 Reichenau an der Rax

FACTS + First mentioned from the year 1150 + Conversion into a hunting lodge in 1881 + Living space approx. 1,035.66 m2 + Storage area approx. 100 m2 + Land plot about 6.240 m2 of which about 1.000 m2 forest + 7 apartments temporarily rented (all photos are available) + 1 additional room rented for a limited tuime + 1 large office leased for a limited period of time + 2-3 large apartments (with one large balcony and one small balcony) can be rented after renovation + 1 restaurant and business premises are also for lease For more details and income (current interest list), please, ask me personally EQUIPMENT / DETAILS + Geothermal heat pump with 4 deep holes (geothermal = high efficiency) for about 900 m2 + Wood stove with blower as reserve heater + Geothermal heat pump (flat plate collectors) in the office + Renewal/raising of the entire roof truss/roof covering, new manufactures of dormers and round arched windows + Tiled arcade corridors + Tiled stoves + Use of larch shingles in facade design + Superthermo sockets with adapted nature stone + Wrought ironworks and stone columns +++ Eleborate step-by-step renovation work from 1990 to 2018, total expenditure approx. in EURO 2 million DISTRIBUTION / FLOOR PLANS + By request INFRASTRUCTURE, LOCATION, LOCAL SUPPLIER, CULTURE, FITNESS, ETC. + See file "Professional LAGE Report" MAKE A 360 DEGREE ONLINE TOUR TO GET A BETTER PICTURE: We will be happy to send you further information by e-mail. Please, contact Marina Kotsios: immosupport@era4m.atAngaben gemäß gesetzlichem Erfordernis: Heizwärmebedarf:142.2 kWh/(m²a)Faktor Gesamtenergieeffizienz:2.04
Fläche m² 1.036
Zimmer -