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Splendid loft duplex apartment with phenomenal terraces at a top location!

BONREAL Immobilienvermittlung GmbHHerr Dkfm. Dirk Dose
Fläche m²254
11.807,09 / m²
1090 Vienna

Einmalige Kosten

Kaufpreis2.999.000 Kaufpreis pro m²11.807,09
Kalkuliert von ImmoScout24
Provision zzgl. 20% USt.: 3% vom Kaufpreis zzgl. 20% MwSt.

Laufende Kosten

Heizkosten nicht enthalten
USt. enthalten


Verfügbar ab sofort
Baujahr 2009
Wohnfläche 254 m²
3 Terrassen
5 Zimmer
3 Badezimmer, 4 Toiletten




Energieausweis vorhanden
(HWB), 91 kWh/(m²a)
(f GEE, SK), 1,19


The property offered for sale is a particularly spacious penthouse apartment with large terraces and a panoramic view.

Situated in an excellent location in the 9th Vienna District, in close proximity to the Votivkirche and just a stone's throw away from the 1st Vienna District, the apartment was created in 2009 as part of a loft development on a prestigious Vienna multi-tenant building from the turn of the 19th century.

The surrounding infrastructure and public transport connections are difficult to be better. Moreover, though the building is located at a quite frequented one-way street, the apartment and all its terraces are astonishingly quiet and offer a maximum of privacy.

This duplex apartment sits on the top floor (with elevator) and is in an excellently preserved condition. Since it was first built, the apartment has had only one owner. The latter has made exclusive use of exquisite, top-quality brand products for its interior furnishing.

The property offers a total floor space of approx. 254 m2 on two levels, and approx. 74 m2 of terraces on three levels.

A basement compartment has been allocated to the apartment. No underground parking space and, should the need arise, it would have to be rented in the vicinity.

The floor space is distributed on the individual levels as follows:

1st level: living space approx. 174 m2 / approx. 14 m2 terrace

2nd level: living space approx. 80 m2 / approx. 15 m2 terrace

3rd level: approx. 45 m2 rooftop terrace with a summer kitchen

The precise room layout on each level is shown in the attached floor plans. The well-designed floor plans with numerous bathrooms and terraces create a perfect, family-friendly atmosphere. The view from the rooftop terrace is sensational.

Heating (floor heating) and hot water are provided by a gas-fired central apartment heating. All living areas are equipped with an air conditioning system. In addition, the unit features various electrical external blinds.

The monthly operating costs currently amount to a total of € 716.06 and already include the proportionate amounts for the repair reserve (€ 194.52) and the value-added tax (€ 47.41).

An immediate take over of this premium property is possible.

The heating demand as stated in the energy certificate from June 9th, 2022, is 91 kWh/m²a. The total energy-efficiency-factor is 1,19.


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GewerblichBONREAL Immobilienvermittlung GmbHHerr Dkfm. Dirk Dose
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Herr Dkfm. Dirk Dose
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